Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Scary Jungle Stew

Icons I need to make:

Me with hair bulked out like it is at the minute, fresh from the dryer and before I attempt (and fail) to tame it with a comb. Scary Jungle Stew.

Anigif. Black background, white bold letters "I am FUCKING with your HEADS". Two beats. "Love me" in pink cursive over a field of pink and hearts that would make the most kawaii-fanatic slashwraith sick. One beat. Loop.

I may have to crack open some anigif creation tools tomorrow

More and more as I examine my web presence, I find that things are falling into niches. This is my prototyping site, where confused and unedited fiction is thrown out alongside half-formed rants on roleplaying game design and far more often personal updates and the state of my head. This is me telling the world how I am, and occasionally giving the readers a freebie. Enemy Territory is a place for me to get angry and vent some of the more destructive energies in my psyche. The new website, when I finally work out how I want it to look and how I want it to work, is going to be a place for polished fiction and finished articles, along with some random gamework PDF'd for download. I'd like the research blog to be a place where I can dump anything that sparks my imagination or that I want to come back to later. That would be where I echo stories from /., kuro5, boingboing, DPH and all the rest of the web (no links, thinking). All of this is still buzzing around. Depending on how long I'm undecided on the website redesign I may well set up another LJ account for the research stuff.

In other news, I'm giving my Hotmail account until the end of the week, then I'm saving everything I still have there that I want to keep and closing the fucker down. Oddly, this was not an easy decision to make. My first Hotmail address came back before the service was owned by Microsoft and turned into the main weapon of its Unholy Web Fuckup. I had numbers after my handle, but only two digits. I got my second after the takeover, but shit happens there. I was changing handles (to the one I currently have, indeed), and Yahoo were worse even than the Beast back then, or so I thought.

Of course, times have changed. My main e-mail is different now, I have different addresses for different purposes. The major site redesign that's been playing around in my brain for a while is coming back to haunt me and I'm left wondering why I have Hotmail. It marks most of the valid messages I have as spam[0] and recently started moving those away from the ones I see, it has dick by way of storage, ridiculous file size limits[1] and the interface is aimed more and more at the retarded every day. I have no more need for it.

But it's still going to feel weird giving up my address.

[0]: And I hate that. I use The Mozilla suite's mailer, and it flags mail as spam. And that is all it does. You see spam, you train it to recognise spam. But it is my choice what to do with that spam, whether I want to trawl through it for funny subject lines or dictionary-attack contents or what. The program suggests what I will probably want to read, I choose what I do read.
[1]: Something they claim that they are changing. They sure haven't changed me yet.

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