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Fast Fiction Week: Day 1

I cried when she left me. She had a war to fight, and she stared long into my eyes while taking up sword and shield. That last kiss lasted an eternity. She turned and walked to the rest of the elven knights, leaving me standing at my apartment door at four in the morning with nothing but the tears in my eyes.

After a week I knew she wasn't coming back. I didn't have a magic sword hidden in my closet, but I did have a .44. I headed straight for the back alleys and abandoned warehouses. Battlefields away from mundane eyes, so nobody could see what shared their world. The orcs were back, and I was sure they had killed my girlfriend.

The gang of orcs surrounded me in seconds. One of them swings a spiked mace at my head and I blew his brains out without thinking. Another narrowly missed with a rusty sword. Behind me, I heard the death rattle of another orc, and her beautiful voice.

"Don't just stand there, kill something."

So I did.

We fought together from that day. We married after the war, our crest a crossed gun and a sword. Knights together.
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