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Fast Fiction Week Roundup

Every day, a different genre in exactly 200 words. This, like all the roundup posts, is a collection of links so you can say "This crap writer I know did five genres in 200 words over five days. Here's a link."

Day 1 - Modern Fantasy
Day 2 - Modern Horror
Day 3 - Space War
Day 4 - Pulp Adventure
Day 5 - Crime Noir

As an extra-special-added-bonus, I've written a tabletop RPG based on the setting of the first day's story. No, I don't know why either. It just seemed to work. It's basic, and is built upon the rules eyebeams posted for his cyberpunk game, with my own twist and an altered dice mechanic. Malcolm, if you'd rather I use someone else's system please just say and I shall.

Linky to PDF - This was created in Staroffice and looks fine on Windows and KPDF on Linux. For some reason, GPDF shits itself, so here's a linky to the same file as RTF.
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