Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven


Back to posting after midnight, it seems.

Been feeling run down and worn out all day. There's nothing particularly new to this save that it doesn't go away. Normally, I get a rush of endorphins when closing my eyes for a few seconds, now I've got nothing. And it's continuing until, well, now. For obvious reasons, this is not a good thing.

For starters, it made me forget something (though I'm not entirely sure what) in my .config file, and the brand new kernel I compiled (replete with 3D acceleration support) panics on boot. Fair enough, I can work with that, I used a date revision number so I can get back to the old system with a minimum of fuss. I can look at it properly tomorrow and work out where I was being a complete and raving fucktard[0].

Thing is, that replaced my Unreal Tourney playing time tonight. Rediscovering that over the weekend was a great boost, and an hour or two a day is the perfect way to de-stress once I get home. Just me, some Red Bull, and lots of digital violence. But none of that, just lots of digital compiler output, which is nowhere near as much fun. Oh well.

I had more to say, I'm sure of it. But now I don't. A real amount of sleep tonight, I think.

[0]: I have a feeling I was compiling all the filesystem drivers as modules without a good .initrd, which is a very dumb thing to do. I may well be talking out of my arse, though.

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