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Some days even a big fucking bookmark list is no good for the daily haul of random imagination-firing shite from boingboing and the like. Exporting it here for now (del.ici.ous looked good for a while, but I can't add enough of an excerpt to remember why I'm including it). These will go to another place when I work out where to put them. Somewhere with categories, preferably site-embeddable and cheap/free.

mainly they stick to a party line of figures and cases, repeating them at every opportunity, and holding them up to justify certain conclusions (eg, DVD piracy kills babies with bombs).

There's also a fun bit where the impressive headline for each independent "case study"

Links between DVD piracy and organised crime are highlighted today with the publication of new evidence, compiled by the Industry Trust for IP Awareness Limited, as part of a major anti-piracy campaign that is being backed by YOUR NAME HERE! Trading Standards.

is revealed in an earlier draft to have begun

Proof of the links between DVD piracy and organised crime is strengthened today with the launch of a new dossier of evidence,

which was probably changed when someone realised "proof" and "dossier of evidence" suggested something official, with sources, and which hadn't been changed around in certain quite important areas, and which was proof.

Again, pinched from NTK

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