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One of the people in Peter Milligan's head, the one responsible for Human Target and Shade the Changing Man groks what it means to write Mage-inspiration stuff.

I need to break this bizarre illusion I have about LJ comments being the only metric of how much people have read and liked my stuff. It's really getting rather annoying, though it does mean that I get to see the new trends in spam subject lines.

More and more ideas, that unfortunately I can't seem to externalise as anything past vague concepts. Of course, that could just be my brain slowing down from recent events. Or a lack of psychedelics. Whatever it is, a lack of actualisation is a real bugger.

To: Whoever is manning our billion butterflies. Get a fucking grip. We had hot and muggy and brain-killing in May. We also had it in June, July, and king-fuck-hell did we have it in August. Four months is enough. Give me a chance to fucking think.

"Is that you, John Wayne? Is this me? Because I don't think this is the movie I thought it was..."

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