Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Extreme Weirdness

Brain's not as mad as last night. I've found the only way to get rid of the burning need to write weird shit is to, well, write it. This one ended up being the Ultimate Mage Game. The real fucker with writing that is that I can barely show it to anyone who will grok it -- I'm hoping to run it at some point soon and want most if not all of them to find out just how weird and high-concept it is the hard way. Bah. That and it's 2,500 of unedited bollocks thrown straight from my mind to electrons with no editing, no spellchecking and no real order to it. Even worse than usual, in fact.

My last wisdom tooth is coming through. I am thus consuming painkilers and anaesthetics in order to numb the bastard thing long enough for the errant spur of calcium to pierce the flesh in all it's glory. At which point, my friendly dentist is going to go in and rip that fucker out. Hopefully without breaking my jaw in the process (vide what happened last Summer when I had the other three done... abnormally long, hooked roots are Not A Good Thing™), but whatever it takes.

etherlad has suggested that the people who help run WolfSpoor put together bios. I've spent the past two hours trying to come up with one that's at least vaguely serious, but the high weirdness kick I've been on has me claiming to be a causal engineer from the future, writing high concept random shit and helping out with WolfSpoor to arrange causality so that the noosphere isn't destroyed in 2342 by the astro-gods from beyond the fifth firmament. I shit you not, that was one of the more normal ones. Given how business-like Ian's reads, I think my own may take some time...

All of this, of course, is my way of covering my arse and writing something so I don't get too bored and worried about not doing anything this evening. Hah.

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