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Erik "Possum Man" Stewart, has started a free school in Toronto callled AnarchistU, in which anyone can propose a class, organize its curriculum on a wiki, sign up enough students and start teaching. Each semester has seen substantial growth in enrollment, and the model of peer education is really working well for a surprising number of people.

The Anarchist U is a volunteer-run collective which organizes a variety of courses on arts and sciences. Most courses run for ten weeks, and meet once a week; there are no admission fees. The Anarchist U follows the tradition of free schools in that it is open, non-hierarchic and questions the roles of teachers and students.

From BoingBoing

[Ed: First we had open source news (news-blogs), which is currently a half-dead zombie media monstrosity, then we had open source law, which works rather better. Now, we have open source education.]

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