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The exam went better than I feared but not as well as I hoped. I'm pretty sure that I got a reasonable mark, though certainly not brilliant. As long as I passed, I'm happy.

Second assessor meeting for the FYP today. I went in unprepared, bullshitted that I was where I hope to be by the end of next week (which will require doing a fair bit of work on it next week) and it went swimmingly. I do however know that by the end of next week I need to have my algorithms down and ready to code. Fortunately, I have my ActiveState Perl distribution up and working, and I finally have a working emacs. Ph33r my 1337 h4><0r1ng ski11z0rz.

I want to think of more to put as more has happenned... I met up with Si and Rob today, and they filled me in on what's been going on. Of course, they mentioned a lot of stuff I wished I had been in on, and Si uses the fantastic line "I told everyone." Of course, I know that when he was doing the telling he had my phone number. Damnit. So I'm bitter about that, but not much.

I keep meaning to type up my System Shock RPG notes. I'm disheartened by EA saying "Go fuck yourself" when I asked them about it. They hold tight to any of their properties weven when they have said outright they are doing nothing with them ever again. But to the Hells with them. I will do this because I want to. of course, I have to type everything up so that I can get it sent to people. Well, person since only one person has shown any interest in it. And I want to get something donew that people might like. But, of course, this links into the fact that I have no way for people to know it exists. 20 people reading an LJ hardly counts as a massive audience, and despite having asked repeatedly on TTLG, nobody gives a dingo's kidneys.

I want someone to get around to writing a Gundam Wing first or third person PC game. Because nobody has, and that sucks. I want to blow shit up, damnit. I have an urge right now to play Heavy Gear 2, load up on explosives and heavy gatling lasers and spend half an hour playing like it's Quake 2 for the vicarious thrill of seeing things explode when I unload an MRP-36 into them. I need good scifi mindless violence, Diablo just doesn't cut it. I need guns. And missiles. Fuck, I need there to be a decent game released reasonably recently that is any good at being a SF FPS. Oh, and for the record, Mechwarrior 4 sucks donkey cock. The lack of a usable Mechlab, the inability to outfit most of the equipment that made the other games so cool (I was missing the Artemis FCS within ten seconds of firing my LRM's) and the stupid drag-and-drop weapons selection... and no Nova. I need my Nova. Even if 3 did call it a Blackhawk.

I need to see things blowing up. I need that now.

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