Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

More ISP retardation

I hate my ISP with a passion that burns fiercely. Fuckers have no idea what the problem was. Can't call them back as their tech support (such as it is) is 8am-midnight. These worthless wastes of the fucking genome are too busy sticking their dicks in domestic animals to sort out the very basic fucking fact that I cannot get on the fucking internet when I have good reason to do so.

I want a firebomb. No. One isn't enough. I want at least ten firebombs, because then these shiteyed monopolistic fuckpigs will fucking pay.

In the meantime I am going to be curled up in a corner with a book, wishing to anything holy that I were really online, talking to people.

I hate the fucking pathetic waste of a fucking world. Burn, fucker.

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