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I'd like you to perform an exercise in selective attention. Forget every other consideration — even though they're fair and important considerations — and see if you can acknowledge that a world in which everyone has free access to every work of creativity in the world is a better world. Imagine your children could listen to any song ever created anywhere. What a blessing that would be!

Let me stress that I am not arguing for free music, for no copyright, for not paying artists. I am only pointing to a value that should influence the discussion of how to pay for music, how long copyright should hold, and how artists should be supported.

Distinguish works from effects. Artists should be compensated if we reproduce their bits outside our home. Not pay-per-view or even pay-per-bit. But tying compensation to the moving of bits like bikes makes sense. But loosen up the strictures on how we appropriate works of art. Ease up on the copyright insanity; you've really gone overboard with that one. End the war on your customers. That's not just evil, it's bad business. Let us do what we want with your bits in our own homes. In the US, don't support the Broadcast Flag. Let us appropriate creative works because that's what it means to be a creative work. Keep fair use as the norm and compensated use as the exception.

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