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A whole week free

First off, to the coward that figured posting porn and insulting me in the comments section of my LJ was a wise idea: I got your IP address. I ran a whois, and I have informed your ISP of your abuse of their services. Goodbye, schmuck.

So, exam this morning. I was going to revise for it all yesterday. Yeah. Well, most of yesterday. Whatever part of yesterday was left after I finally got bored of Freedom Force. Maybe after the next level... Fortunately, Wookie called and thus I headed over to his place, where we got the module down pat and able to recite the main parts in 7 minutes. The exam went reasonably well, and I'm confident I've got around 75%, easy.

I've been playing Freedom Force mainly as a break from Heavy Gear 2, as I'm in the tunnels and suck with a Vibroaxe. If only I could use my normal loadout[1]. Ah well. I'll just have to stick to trying to keep El Diablo alive against Ice Soldiers. The simple joys of computer games.

I get food now.

[1] Dark Cobra, maxed Armour and Speed stats, remove Submersible and Zero G, add Stealth at max, Sniper and Jump Jets if threat will allow. Arm with Heavy Bazooka, MRP-36, Heavy Particle Laser and a Light AA gun or Gatling Laser on the spare collar mount as Threat allows.

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