Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Words and Space

I'm getting rather tired of people who misappropriate sayings, and then attribute their own meaning to the saying. As a futurist and SF nut, the one I hear most often is "Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it", or some trite variation.

Wonderful. We know that already. Time is cyclic, after all. But all too often that damnable saying is pulled out whenever I or someone else points out similarities between a new idea and an old one. The difference is that we know that. We are not going to make the same old mistakes, because we have been paying attention rather than rattling off old sayings to annoy the unholy fuck out of me. We are going to have these ideas and we are going to proof them as best we can against all the old mistakes and throw them out and set them going so we can make some new mistakes.

That's how things get done, after all. People have twisted a saying about minding the lessons of the past into something that, in their mind, acts as a shield, backup for their simple-minded idiocy that the New Is Bad. The New is not bad. The new is the new, pure and simple. People react against it because they dislike the thought that it could be anything other than the repackaged old. When they have the proof that it is, that there is potentially something to this that hasn't been done before, they will look to the past to find any reason for it to fail. And when that doesn't work they will misappropriate sayings to twist to their own meaning.

And I'm getting a bit bloody sick of that, I must say.

In completely other news, that twunt Branson offers space flights, world goes gooey. Fuck off. He's not even planning to get out of the gravity well, and it's only a toy for rich wankers who spend their lives wondering where the toilets are on the Enterprise. Out of well research can be a useful tool, but this privately funded tourist wank is nothing but a PR scheme to rake in even more dosh. And of course, it's got people talking about walking on/mining Mars, and those people I just want to hit for not having the brains to see their own fatal misunderstanding: We just wasted all that fucking energy to get out out of a gravity well and now you want to go back down one? But not permanently and you want to bring more shit with you when you come back? Fuck off and learn some common sense. Attaining lowgee means not having to drop down to a rock that's even more boring than this one when there are more interesting ones for research purposes that don't generate a noticeable well at all.

Then again, Branson can't even run something simple as a train company without having it fucked beyond all recognition. Within three years these flights will be cancelled as there is the wrong kind of space up above.

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