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Connection's shot to shit again, everything taking ages to resolve. Of course, If I tell the telco they'll just advocate rebooting. until I threaten one of them with death.

LICQ left a nasty zombie last night that didn't respond to a kill -9. Needed a hard reboot to get rid of the fucking thing. I shudder at the thought while wondering if there's a quad for kill -9's rocket launcher.

Been losing time while this thing's been off, and when I booted up earlier I get warned about the cmos battery level. Yet another thing to deal with, lest I end up without a working machine at all. In related news, I still need to get the laptop dealt with.

Ah, nuts. Another wanky post of whining. I'll make up for it if I can get some more TSH written so I can afford personal writing. Don't bother commenting, I'm sick of people only piping up when I whine to offer meaningless platitudes of support in the vain hope that a problem shared is a problem halved.

If you want to cheer me up, go here, read one of the stories you haven't or re-read one of the ones you have but can't really remember, and comment on that. That will be a much bigger boost than anything in reply to this shite.

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