Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven


I think I've discovered that even my incredible ability to mainline caffeine to the point that it's effects become indistinguishable from amphetamines has it's limits. I have to say, I do feel rather seedy. On the other hand, my brain was usefully active for five hours longer than it would have been and this morning is nothing a shitload of water and a cheap burger can't deal with. Though I end up feeling it so much that an icon for "feeling crap" would be rather useful...

People keep giving me ideas. In the one week that I really, really can't afford to use them. The bastards. I've sat there uninspired when I (thought I) had the time, and now the walls are caving in the bastards don't stop. Perhaps it's the magically active section of the brain that kicks in with random connections. Activated under stress and adrenaline, it points out daft little throwaway things and random connections to the forebrain. The primary architect of mystic consciousness. I need to learn how to turn this on at will...

Fuck. There I go again.

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