Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven


Ahh, David Blunkett. The man behind New Labour's most right-wing idiocies has just given anyone with three brain cells to rub together even more of a reason to see him anally raped with a red-hot poker.

First, he allows the FBI effectively free reign to randomly seize computers — not for anything relating to America, but rather a third party using America as a Big Stick —using a treaty in ways it really isn't supposed to go.

Then he goes and forces anyone with a new passport to get one of those utterly abhorrent National ID cards, despite the trial being "voluntary".

Bliar's nothing more than a shill for Blunkett's lust for control, a wide smile (that gets wider with every lie he tells) that hides the tracking collars and puppet strings. The worst part is that the only good alternative is a pipe dream.

I hate living in a country where the choices are Centre, Right and NeoCon Fascist.

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