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Americans, all of you should read this. It explains quite nicely why your voters should not have the sole right to decide the fate of the world.

No, it isn't the link you think it is. No incitements to mailings or anything like that. Just someone putting forwards a point that a number of people who live in America have disagreed with.

To editorialise, now that the fire's gone:

America as a nation-state[0] is the last superpower. It's government reaches far, into other countries whether by lying subhuman wastes of a genome in charge[1] or by threats of embargo and economic sanctions[2]. And thats the American nation-state[0] hasn't decided to send the tanks.

A superpower without an enemy superpower is a threat to the world. The government of the United States — not the people, just the things in charge — has demonstrated that time and again. I thus find it illogical, and indeed actively unjust, that the fate of the world is to be decided by a small group of world citizens who just happen to live in one country. And we all know what the duty of a just man is in the face of something unjust.

In other news, I should not get dragged into politics when in the stages of the White. I'd like to publicly apologise for the tone of my replies in coaldustcanary's journal. While my sentiments remain the same I was too fast and loose with the flames. I was wrong to attack rather than to explain[3]. That was, quite frankly, unforgivably stupid of me.

[0]: 'American nation-state' here is used as a shorthand for "The American government, the American citizens who support them, the American corporations who give them lots of money illegally and the American Christian fundamentalists who give that government moral support". It is not my intention to tar all citizens of the United States with the same brush.
[1]: The UK, for example
[2]: Too many to name
[3]: And then attack if they disagree with the point after explanation.

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