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You bastards

Misread me, misinterpret me and vilify me for what you think I said. Leave me no recourse to defend myself. I tried being nice, but when I have something to say and am in a hurry and so cannot possibly nail down every alternate interpretation you are so fast to read the worst possible interpretation just because of who I choose to defend.

You know what? Fuck you. Fuck you all straight to hell, you brainless morons. Why I waste my time with you is beyond me when you daren't even consider that I might have meant something else. And vilifying me and saying I'm wrong because I'm not an American? Why not work out what I was saying first you gormless piece of shit. It's rare that ignorance pushes me this far, but today it has and the results are not nice. Your ignorance and a lack of a way to respond how I need to have made me this way.

I want to hunt all of you gutless fuckers down and punish you until the end of time for not using the lump of complex carbon molecules that sits between your ears.

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