Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Words and words and words

Double or Nothing rewrites will come tomorrow. Mainly because I misjudged the amount still to write for the TSH. Last night certainly didn't help any either.

Before all that really kicked off I ended up getting into a bit of a system/setting thing with catnik, which if nothing else caused me to think about why I like to keep games and stories separate. It's a specificity thing, and it isn't fully done.

Other than that, not much has got done. What part of the day was not spent wallowing has been spent directing myself at writing and not ever stopping. Which Is why I've been thinking of lots of things. I want to write something now, to stop myself falling back to where I was last night. But nothing's coming yet, and I can't stop my brain now the world's gone quiet.

The future has to be better than this.

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