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Modern Adventure

There are things that must be done. These things are not nice but they are needed. I know this. Yet I've been so tired all week I'm only halfway to where I wanted to be.

Though I did write up the premise for a modern Adventure game I'll be running on the WolfSpoor forums. Reposted here less game-specific details for general consumption.

Adventure! in the modern era. Sources include James Bond (as fucking Connery, please), Planetary, Jet Li martial arts, Global Frequency, the cold war, KGB psychic research, CIA cyborgs, novels featuring G8 and his Battle Aces, Doc Savage and the Spider and anything else that goes in my crackpipe.

The Premise
The Trinity Era didn't hapen the way it did in the books. The Hammersmith Event went off on time, but Michael Donnigal was nowhere nearby. Max Mercer wanted to form the Aeon Society to show humanity a better way, but in 1939 internal stresses -- and the deaths of Safari Jack Tallon and Whitley Stiles -- saw the society fragment.

Max Mercer saw what went wrong. He had made AEon a figurehead, a public group and that attracted too much negative attention. After the second War, the Inspired were in short supply and people too jaded to accept a shining light of hope among the rubble. But there was still a need. The strange castles still held dark secrets and mad scientists did not stop inventing, and with a new era came new technologies: first computers, then atomic weapons and more. The hidden world -- shadow governments, terrorist ells, mad dictators and worse -- was using the best and brightest of the remaining Inspired to further their own agendas.

The future was bleak. Max knew that more than anyone. Granted longevity by his Chronal Awareness and possessing a clear view of the worst threats that the world faced, Max made a decision. He had tried leading humanity forward but that ended in blood and tears. This time, he would let the peoples of the world move at their own pace, but he would catch them when they fell. He formed the Aeon Project. An underground group of willing Inspired of all stripes, recruited from all walks of life. Outfitted with super-science equipment and a mandate to save the world from its own secret history.

The project is an autonomous organisation without ties to any national power. The G8 nations may rely on them, but nobody actually trusts Mercer. He's too dedicated to making the world a better place. Mercer will send operatives of the Project anywhere, for any reason. He knows where the crisis points will be, and the outcome if his teams fail.

All too often, they must not fail.

At any time there are twenty-four active Inspired agents of the Aeon Project. Each takes a letter of the Greek alphabet when they take on an active role, and leaves that role to their replacement on leaving active service. Including Mercer, Jake Stefokowski and Professor Dixon of the original Aeon Society, there are fifty members of the Project in total. Inactive members live their lives, be they powerful construction workers, psychic hotline operatives with an edge, or simply another guy on the street, until they get a phone call, e-mail or text message with their letter.

Character Creation
Use standard Adventure! Storyteller rules for making characters, with the single modification that Computer is an extra Intelligence skill. Each character should have the Aeon Project as her Allegiance, and thus can add Backing (Aeon Project): 1 and Cipher: 1 for free.

Theme & Mood
Theme: Saving humanity from what it will never know about. You're out there risking your necks and lives to save the world, often in hideously contrived situations, but the rest of the world doesn't know. They'd panic, and things would get worse if they knew the weird old guy in the castle was a vampire or had a sattelite cannon.
Mood: Action-Packed. Pulp updated for the modern day. Martial arts and superspies. While not camp (for the difference, study Connery/Brosnan as Bond and Myers as Austin Powers -- as soon as something's more likely to be in the latter it's time for a rethink), there's certainly a lot of fast-paced action, mysteries to solve and bad guys to blow up. No sharks with lasers, yes full-conversion CIA cyborgs, psychic spies from China, aliens in Area-51, sentient computer virii, and anything that sounds pulp that someone else digs up (Charnel Ships, you say? Murder Barons? Marvellous!)

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