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I am never to go more than seven days without Red Bull again. My mind is still fucking slow. Random:
  • I've got a very rough sketched out look for the new website, at last. Need to look in to cms/blogging software compared with writing something to my own needs.
  • If I were to run a play-by-post of the Adventure game in the last post, would anyone be up for it?
  • Checked the site for the first time in... fifteen fucking months. Turns out it's not even called the SoC any more but the "Faculty of Computing, Electronics and Technology". Pretentious twunts rolling the SoC in with those Engineering and Tech subhumans all so they don't sound like they used to be a bloody polytechnic...
  • Roll on Wednesday, when I can go to sleep safe in the knowledge that hopes and such were all for shit and the world's been fucked up the arse for four more years. I'm being pessimistic for a reason
  • Idea for something. Story or game or something. UK goes to war with itself. Mindstar Rising's antigovernment riots in reverse spurred by the reelection of the shrub. And a panopticon singularity halfway through for fun. Told from the point of an office worker.

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