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Setting up my sound in Debian with the 2.4 kernel is really pissing me off. last time I tried the Alsa sound system it required a new kernel image file. Which fucked up my boot tables painfully. Arg. Soon though, I shall have my sound. Still, I can live with my CD collection and stereo. I'll get it fixed when I have time to think. Speaking of which:

Which OS are You?
Which OS are You?

Ph33r my 1337 5ki11z0rZ, j00.

Today I are been mostly bowling. As Matt's going home on Saturday we felt like we might as well do something. That and the fact it's six quid less change for as much as you like before 6, we managed to get 5 hours solid in. Monday night it's unlimited Quazar 9-midnight for £6. I'm there, as are Steve and John, with any luck. Laser guns, woo.

etherlad's Continuing Aeon project is going strong. I've got myself a post as a writer on the project, which is a good thing. I have some good ideas for my part, but I shall say no more.

For those in Britain, check out Trust. BBC1, 9 in the evening every Thursday. It's a good drama about a City law firms the dialogue is sharp and just how it needs to be and the acting is spot-on. That and it gives me some fantastic ideas. It's enjoyable without bogging down into lawyer-isms.

As of tomorrow, I'm quitting smoking again. Wish me luck. I don't expect it to last much past a day, but I can hope. Just have to bury myself in encryption algorithms again. Damn it, why did I say I'd have it dome for Monday? Because if I don't have it done, I'm in the shit with the whole of this project. Arg.

Finally got round to doing some cooking. Chicken in Thai curry sauce with rice. It didn't take much effort but it's still more than the usual "Put article in microwave or oven. Wait. Consume article." It was damn nice, as well.

I've suddenly realised how utterly without motivation I am. This is due to caffeine deprivation. I therefore need coffee. Mmmm. Coffee.

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