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General updates

Done unfortunately little tonight. just enough to keep myself ticking over and functional, with a side order of shaving. Some simple calculations for future plans, some television (I'm recovering, I'm allowed) and not much else.

Tried re-starting Strange Religion. All the work I've done on it is good, the story direction matches roughly where I want to go up to that point, but I'd rather change a main bit of the start and that requires a total rewrite. Unsurprisingly, the words weren't flowing. Not going to mention comments in-depth at all because a) I've not fully worked out how to pack the information to make it readable, and b) I'm sick of reading myself whine about it. Words refused to flow at least in part because of that dream. It keeps nibbling away at my brain, like the current writeup isn't enough. It wants me to do something with it, but I dunno what.

General point of etiquette that I thought was already obvious: If I remove comments on an entry I do not want comments on it going on other entries. It means I don't want to discuss it in public at all, hence why the entry was locked from comments in the first place. If what you have to say matters, e-mail me. It isn't hard to find my addresses.

People confusing copyright infringement and theft are really beginning to annoy me. That I still have to explain it is painful. Theft is an old part of property law that deals with depriving someone of a tangible object. Calling copyright infringement "theft" implies that someone is being deprived of some tangible product over and above the harm done to creators who don't publish in the public domain or use Creative Commons licenses. But to call all sharing theft is flat out wrong. Any of the fiction on this journal is free, as noted on the profile, to distribute by any means you want. Put it all into a text file or a pretty PDF (archive in a range of formats coming soon from myself) and seed kazaa and all the other p2p tools you kids use with it, You don't need my permission to do so. Further, I actively encourage it. Just make sure to attach the license and you're good. Not all sharing is illegal, don't let fuckheads who want to eliminate the independent competition convince you otherwise.

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