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TSH rewrites are done. That's "The one with that dude who's a star" for people who only read edited highlights. People like it, and this is good.

Tonight my vitriol is directed at the hypercapitalist brainwashing that is "society", and the idiots who believe that it is the only possible way. And who believe that fucking accounting is anything like real mathematics, hence would be a good choice if ever I went back to university because "there's a lot of money in it". Not because I want to do it, or like the subject area or *gasp* find it interesting (information extraction, on the other hand...) but they can't see the jobs for people who don't fit their workaday understanding of What Graduates Do. "Researcher" isn't one of those things.

In other news, am more and more certain that I am in relatively close contact with a borganism. That could just be paranoia. More later.

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