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Apparently, neither Indimedia nor the EFF have any standing in their court case against the government agency that seized their servers. Despite that government agency having seriously fucking dubious grounds to act in Britain (save via a chain of MLATS that expand to the point of the stupid), and Indymedia being the people who had their damn servers stolen by an illegally-acting opponent of free speech.


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Nov. 13th, 2004 03:20 pm (UTC)
this is a prime example of why I think people who are proud of the Patriot Act should be shot. Previously our government was limited in its efforts of search and seizure, wherein there must have been a clear motive for seizure disclosed to the searched and given to any and all who asked. Under the Patriot Act the government now has the ability to A) get permission for search/seizure from a secret court body [read: gestapo style tribunal] and to B) not tell the affected parties why they're being searched and C) to enforce non-disclosure from any party as to why they're involved in an investigation. The ramifications of this last point are staggering...let's say that I'm being investigated for complicity with terrorist plots. The government has the power now to question anybody in my life and then they have the power to tell anyone that they've questioned that if they talk about said questioning to anyone, they can be crimnally charged.

There goes the Constitution.

And to all who believe that our current administration is not wreaking havoc across the world with this little power trip, these servers were in the UK. Not even our own goddamned country.

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