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I can feel my brain firing. Scarfing a pasty, getting cheap beef inside me, anything for protein. Carbs in the pastry used in the foundry inside me, converting matter to make the thoughtmachine work.

Manglement is a stage-one borganism by this point. Never able to tell if any individual is running themselves or running on instructions from the semihuman groupmind. All are slaved into WiFi PDAs, keeping them connected to the management consciousness that pervades all the wavebands in the building and can subsume the person at any time, running on multiple brains. One groupmind running multiple bodies like willing meat puppets.

I convert complex proteins into new molecules. Long-chain molecules plug in to target sites of my brain, nanoscale cooling fins disperse the heat-build up of my newly overclocked brain. I can see bandwidth, the haze that's beamed into every handheld and focused beams of information Bluetoothing into management implants. This technology revolution is entirely corporate.

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