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Zero-point information downloading into my brain. I'm interested in everything right now. I want to do at least ten postgraduate sources at once, learning about everything from Bayesian data mining to genetic algorithms to n-dimensional geometry to CMS design and advanced web programming to distributed content, physical book self-publishing, a group of mad Londoner bastards called Trokia who shine SMSes onto road signs, the MIT open learning archive, kabbalistic magic, CSS2/3, more perl (it's been ages since I used it), hardware design and software practises, the problems with phrase-pair machine translation and neural network instances...

Zero point information. The ravaging, burning need to learn things. I've been behind the curve for well over a year and tonight I want to catch up and cram everything I can into my brain until it explodes — and then I want to do it some more. I never want to stop.

Look for burnout sometime in the next few days. Apologies in advance for the attitude I'm likely going to have. Here's hoping I can get something worthwhile done in the meantime.


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Nov. 13th, 2004 12:15 am (UTC)
I'm in the same mode right now. I've been reading like crazy, about 1/10 fantasy (Exalted, old Werewolf stuff, Dark Tower Series), and 9/10 Philosophy, mostly legit but some new age bullshit too just for kicks. And after getting my hands on TB:VA Rev and Digital Web 2.0, I've been doing net research on fractal gemoetry, chaos mathematics, and all that cool shit... those two books really really got my head spinning in new directions.

It's kinda overload when I get like this, especially with full-time school material to integrate too, but I love it.

Jon/ apoc/ t0tem7
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