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Zero-point information downloading into my brain. I'm interested in everything right now. I want to do at least ten postgraduate sources at once, learning about everything from Bayesian data mining to genetic algorithms to n-dimensional geometry to CMS design and advanced web programming to distributed content, physical book self-publishing, a group of mad Londoner bastards called Trokia who shine SMSes onto road signs, the MIT open learning archive, kabbalistic magic, CSS2/3, more perl (it's been ages since I used it), hardware design and software practises, the problems with phrase-pair machine translation and neural network instances...

Zero point information. The ravaging, burning need to learn things. I've been behind the curve for well over a year and tonight I want to catch up and cram everything I can into my brain until it explodes — and then I want to do it some more. I never want to stop.

Look for burnout sometime in the next few days. Apologies in advance for the attitude I'm likely going to have. Here's hoping I can get something worthwhile done in the meantime.

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