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Outboard Memory

In the spirit of mad information, I decided to finally make use of something I've had for a while but not actually touched before now. is a public social bookmark thing. In other words, I can put bookmarks there with tags, you can see them and sort them by tags, the world can see them and can see how popular they are among other people, if that matters. For those who don't have a Friends list, the link is on the sidebar. For those who haven't, my listing of random shite is If what I read matters that much, there's an XML feed so you can see what I add as I add it. This is apparently useful.

Things are slowly falling into place. Now to investigate webhosts and CMS/blogging stuff again. I have a design, but I need to know what I'll be using software-wise (or at least if I'm rolling my own or not) before knowing how to implement it. And for that, really I need an idea of what I'm using to solve the damn problem. Coding my own seems possible again, as I had to break out perl-fu once more and I really don't want anything written in fucking PHP.

My brother smells of menthol cigarettes. I wish his scent was real fucking smoke, then I could catch a whiff of the nicotine. Or that he'd fuck off and leave me to think in peace.

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