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Fscking software

Two tech-rant posts in the space of a day. Sue me.

Blosxom still refuses to work. Just flat out refuses. The admins have no idea, the mailing list has so far been silent, and Google is no help whatsoever.

So I've been playing around with wordpress.

I didn't want to play around with wordpress. Blosxom is a simple, happy script. It's perl, and good perl. Perl I can understand (the problems is esoteric, and I don't have a clue where to start, before anyone tells me to fix it myself). The plugins are simple, everything is simple. Formatting is dead simple. It's all processing flat text. Wonderful stuff. When it works.

Wordpress is PHP. I dislike PHP. Not as much as ASP or Visual Basic or any of the hideous mess that is .Net or anything like that. But I really don't like PHP. It's perl-flexibility without taint-checking and without any of the potential sanity controls. it's also slaved to a MySQL database. I dislike MySQL, because in several ways, it's almost, but not quite, exactly unlike SQL. It niggles me that I have to sink to using such a setup, not in a painul way, but in the "there is a better way but I'm too dumb to make it work" way. If ever I have the chance to get it working I will most certainly switch to blosxom, because I've already got styles and formats half-written.

But as it is, wordpress is easy enough to set up. Or so it seems. I'm going to have to investigate more, getting it to work as a web-publishing tool that isn't a blog. Because I'm publishing stuff online that shouldn't be limited by the transitory, time-limited nature of a blog. I had most of an idea how to sort it with blosxom, but not wordpress. We shall see.

There'll be another update with swearing and general neurosis later, since I'm sure all this geeking out bores the fuck out of everyone.

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