January 4th, 2003



Today has sucked. Dentist this afternoon (the reason I booked from ed.uk so soon) and it turns out that what I thought was simple discolouration near the tops of my front six teeth is in fact demineralisation caused by too much in the way of black coffee and Dr Pepper. Five are repairable. They can be fixed by cutting down on the strong coffee and the acid-y soft drinks, though no mention was made of where the fuck I'm supposed to get a caffeine hit in a morning from now. I was also berated for not brushing my teeth at least twice a day. I'm under strict instructions to do so, to change what I drink, and to use a powerful fluoride mouthwash at least twice a day. Needless to say, I feel about --><-- big. That, and I have to return on Monday. As I said, five are repairable. The sixth is too far gone. It needs serious work done on it, as the enamel near the gum is slightly weaker than chalk right now, and it's the largest of the sixth. Apparently, after Monday, I have to be a fucking Angel of Oral Hygeine for three months to see any benefit and avoid five more repairs.

I wouldn't mind but ever since I've been a very, very small child my teeth have been the one part of me that have never had anything really wrong with them. I had to have three milk teeth pulled, this is true, but that was because they were too strong. I could bite through anything you could concieve without a problem. And now I get told that the white lines near my gums that have been there for years are in fact very dangerous to my teeth.


Cut down on black coffee and Dr Pepper. What the fuck kind of student am I supposed to be? At least he didn't say curry.

Then, walking home, I get caught in the only snow seen here in Hull. Which lasts for precisely 13 minutes of a 15 minute walk, and ends suddenly as soon as I start walking down the driveway to our house. Sodding weather.

So my reaction to today as a whole rather rhymes with "clucking bell". I want to punch someone.
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Well, since nobody is online (and those that are online are just plain ignoring me, thanks guys), I've decided to get on with some work. Fortunately, a few physics search engines have given me everything I need to complete my mathematical modelling assignment. Mmmm. I've missed being able to get to grips with some nice physics for a while.

Unfortunately, the research for the Chaos Game essay is taking longer. Damn sites never explain the underlying mathematics, just saying "This can be used to create what mathematicians call a fractal". "Thanks, but I know what the Sierpienski Gasket is, I know what it looks like, I am a bloody mathematician and I know what the mathematics behind the Gasket is. Now how does the Chaos Game map on to that mathematics?" "Umm."

Bah. Still...

Modeling Assignment: Needs writing up, some test data, and some real world data. I also need to change a lot of wording, but the back has been broken thanks to 20 minutes with Google.

FYP is still where it was, and I have my end of semester interview on the 14th. This is bad.

Chaos essay is going slower, and has the earlier deadline. Arse.

Damn, but I need Orpheus to do any real work. I can't think straight when I'm in this poky little room without any books and having to rebuild all my useful mathematical and physics-related bookmarks. Grr.
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