January 18th, 2003



Was a less than perfect day.Working off the aftereffects of being stupid enough on Thursday to think energy drinks would be a good idea (little hint: Not when you haven't eaten anything for the past few days). Then, my back starts *really* playing up before I can dose up on my next back on painkillers. Strangely, this has affected my memory. Apart from talking to Kris I have no memory whatsoever of what I was doing for the three quarters of an hour between about 22:15 and 23:00. I have a feeling I made a complete prick of myself to someone or someones, but I know what I can be like when I'm jazzed on pain and I really don't want to look right now.

Still. Eight hours sleep and my systems actually acting normal. If it weren't for the back, I'd say I was feeling back to normal.
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    Dead Kennedys & Johny Depp - Viva Las Vegas (3:22)