February 4th, 2003



So, yesterday. The meeting with my tutor went well, turns out I'll be customising the Rjindael algorithm and using RSA for the public-key parts. I need to have some of the program working for next week, but I can deal with that.

Of course to get rid of the AAI lecture beforehand (an introduction to the concepts involved in natural language processing), me and Wookie wound up in the bar. Three pints and not much else later I was in the meeting with my tutor. The scary part was a complete and total lack of impairment from alcohol. Anyhow. Got back, cooked food (which went surprisingly well) and looked outside.

Snow. A good three inches of the stuff.

Steve returns and after an impromptu snowball fight we rig up a beer cooler from snow in the back garden. Running snowball fights later we decide to make snowmen. One little one, anatomically correct, next to the beer, and a larger one (also anatomically correct) in a chair next to the beer and little one. We have pictures, which you will see as soon as Steve gets his digital camera hooked up. More beer and ore Gran Turismo 3 later, and th' night's a good'un.

Right. Now I go to eat breakfast curry. Mmm, breakfast curry. Mmm, beer.
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This site is giving me the urge to kill people. What is it with the ridiculous slackers over here? The big hobby and import places I can get to (Forbidden Planet &c.) have already stated they will be getting no more Gundam kits at all until August. They were sold out before December. They know there is a demand, they're just ignoring it, the bastards. I would pay good money for a ZZ Gundam or S Gundam...

Useless bastards.