March 12th, 2003



cravings. Well, not so much cravings. I'm cranky and irritable and the only thing that'll calm me is a cigarette. I smoked half a rollup to deal with these last night, my first in a full week. I'm not having another tonight. Or tomorrow night, if I can help it. I've fucking quit. I'm going to fucking stay that way, if I have a chance to kill someone on the way I'll feel so much better.

Today's D20 Modern game sucked, and I shan't go back to it. My character's one of the two non-combative characters, the two smart ones. The other one gets all the fun stuff to do and all the praise. I get my character mutated into a Bat-Maru, rendering my character shit at everything. I'm not turning the character into a fucking sniper, I'm not fucking around. I had an idea for a character, like I always do. The other guys couldn't come up with actual fucking characters if they tried. Fuck'em. Not my problem if they are the perfect example of "How much experience? I dunno, you didn't kill anything." I thought the game would work, I thought there had been some thought put into it. Obviously not. I just wished I'd have noticed earlier and not had to have such a fuckup done to my character.

I have an assignment to write for 3pm tomorrow. I couldn;t give a fuck. My last wisdom tooth is coming through, and if it's half as painful as the last, I'm going to be royally fucked. Got assignment to write. Bah. Got a hardon I don't know the cause of and that is really fucking painful thanks to these jeans. Double bah. Fucking assignment. Fucking D20 game. Fucking day. Roll on tomorrow, when I can sleep in happily.
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