March 30th, 2003



So I was doing one of those online test things whilst the lapdog woke itself up, and one of the questions rather threw me.

Is justice more important than loyalty?

Fortunately the quizmaster had provided an option equivalent to `I don't want to have to think about a lot of philosophical stuff right now so I'll pick this one and come back and do the test again when I have an answer', so I took that one. It's a bloody good question though, and a bloody interesting one.

See, I was raised to believe in both. Being the kind of person I am, I happen to believe in little things like honour, justice and loyalty somewhat more than many members of my generation (who include my brother, the poster-boy for the word `Whatever'). Asking which holds more importance is a question I find hard to answer. They're both equally important to me, which one comes out on top is entirely dependent upon the circumstances.

I think this is because normally I think of both as virtues. Thus when I was brought up with them and even now when I think about them, I try to avoid placing one above the other. Honesty, loyalty, justice---they are all equally valid virtues, and to say that honesty is more important than loyalty would be saying that "it is more virtuous to be honest than to be loyal", implying that to a virtuous person[1], loyalty can be left by the wayside, leading to overspecialisation when looking at virtues...

Or maybe I'm looking at this in completely the wrong way, or simply over thinking it and the "moo" answer was the right one for me. Anyhow, I'm interested in how you would answer the question, and why. Let's get some philosophy going in these comments.

[1]: Which I believe we all aspire to being, dependent upon what we each see as virtues and to a lesser extent what society seems to see as virtues.
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If anyone knows why Hotmain transmits all attachments as content-type: application/octet stream let me know, because I really, really want to punch some bastard about that. I figure it's something to do with Mickey$haft's broken-arse "browser" (and I use that word in the widest possible sense) ignoring the content-type header and running off the 'blows file extension, but I have to be sure. Idiots wasting my damn time...
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