May 8th, 2003


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I've just forced a total of 244 pages through my printer. The write up for my report is done. Both copies are fully printed and are waiting to be bound. Today and tomorrow there's going to be massive queues for binding as it's hand-in day so I'm getting it dome as soon as the place opens.

244 printed pages. Two copies, each 172 pages grand total including non-printed stuff. All that I need to do is stick disks onto the bound version... Then I just have to hand-in before the CogSci lecture. Fuck me, this has been a painful week. But rewarding, too. And certainly not the most painful... but still. I wouldn't want to do it every week. It's too much like working for a living.

The floor around where I'm sat has empty bottles of Dr Pepper, Irn Bru and cherry Tango just waiting for me to kick them. My desks are piled higher than usual with valuable notes, books and research. Fully one half of my floor's carpeted in multipacks of salt and vinegar Squares and Robert Anton Wilson and Neal Stephenson and salt and vinegar Kettle Chips and Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis...

I should feel something now. But maybe I will when I'm more awake. Coming at the world after 22 hours is kind of a pain.
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