June 5th, 2003


Last exam

My AAI exam starts in a little over 35 minutes. I've studied as much as I could, which amounted to three and a bit hours last night once I got done preparing for the bastard SORT exam this morning. That one went well, I know I dropped about 16 marks by skipping part of a question that I didn't have a clue about but the rest was done inside 2.5 hours. I'm happy with that one. AAI is going to be fucking painful. The amount of information we're required to know, from details of Kohonen's self-organising map to agent architectures to case grammar, is painful. Three questions to start, then two longer. Gah. I'll just have to answer them as best I can, and then I can go home and forget everything as I work on my presentation for tomorrow... all this stuff to do and I can't think straight about any of it as I just keep wishing Kris were still here. Fuck. I can't go into the exam like this. Need to focus on recursive auto-associative memories...
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