June 25th, 2003


Sometimes there is cool stuff

Blah, pain and uncomfortableness and shit. The usual in this situation and I won't be a totally boring fuck by going on about it again. Besides, something other than that occurred, which makes a change. Today's the only day when my mum works the afternoon as well as the morning, and thus the only day I can get away with doing shit without her knowing. Like realising that I have enough change to catch the bus into town to engage in a little bit of retail therapy.

I didn't stop long, but I swung past the local TRU (hey, it's a walk in fresh air) for a look around. Lo and behold they have some old RiD Transformers stock in. Taking a look, I unearth RiD Grimlock, something I've been looking for for a while. I'm a weirdo, I like having complete gestalt teams. They also have a couple of the Dreadwing/Smokejumper box sets, but calmer heads prevailed and I decided to wait till I'm seeing cash flow. They also had a fair few 1/100 Gundam kits, but only High Grade Wing, so nothing I want to drop money on.

Next and last stop was the local comics place. It's had a new owner since last I dropped in, so I started chatting. I knew it was going to be worthwhile when, without prompting, he pointed out the sections for Warren Ellis and Grant Morrison. He "figured that'd be what I was looking for". Good bloke... He also has a full set of The Invisibles. Again, I had to near rip my arms off, but I have to wait till I'm making money to justify the purchases. I did succumb to picking up the Planetary crossovers that I missed first time round. Terra Occulta (PLanetary/JLA) is the weaker one on first reading, because it's featuring the JLA and thus they have to win. That, added to some of the characterisation being way off... Planetary acted more like the Four, if the Four released some of their findings. I dunno, something just rubbed me the wrong way. Ruling the World (Planetary/Authority) on the other hand, is some great stuff. The superpowered Gods and the lurkers in the shadows both dealing with an invasion from the Bleed. It's a story that fits both groups, and doesn't ruin things by having them get all lovey with each other or wasting space with pointless fights between the good guys. The only real problem is that it could do to be a lot longer than it is, a four-parter would have been better. The references to the author were rather entertaining as well.

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