August 9th, 2003


Last week

Yeah, I know I've posted nothing of substance since last Sunday, just a couple of lemmings. There is actually a reason for this, rather than a simple lack of anything interesting going on. Stuff has been happening, but I don't want to LJ it before I know the whole story.

It's still fucking boring here, and the 100+ degrees of heat has certainly not helped. I keep meaning to go into town to see T3, but it's just too hot for me to fight my way to the bus stop (fuck off, I don't complain at the cold too much). Add that to the fact that the second showing ends ten miniutes after the busses switch to being one per hour, meaning I have to wait 50 minutes in town, with most of the shops closed and gangs of little townie fuckers out to mug people, before I can get home. I may have to go as far as setting my alarm to catch the first showing...

I'm on a big gaming kick. In addition to my post-nuclear pirates thing, I'm on a mad Exalted high and would kill to play in a beer-and-pretzels Cyberpunk game. Thing is, I really want to play one of these. It's no good coming up with five or ten mad-cool Exalted characters when I know I'm not going to get a chance to play any of them. The curse of being an eternal ST, I guess.

The borderline's been acting up of late as well. Physically twitching when people ignore me, even online. I'd rahter have a fuckwit around to flame than nobody.
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