December 3rd, 2003


Stolen from catnik

1. Stoics (100%)
2. Kant (96%)
3. Jean-Paul Sartre (84%)
4. Ayn Rand (81%)
5. Spinoza (78%)
6. Nietzsche (74%)
7. David Hume (71%)
8. Cynics (65%)
9. Aquinas (57%)
10. John Stuart Mill (52%)
11. Nel Noddings (51%)
12. Aristotle (46%)
13. St. Augustine (46%)
14. Thomas Hobbes (45%)
15. Jeremy Bentham (40%)
16. Prescriptivism (36%)
17. Plato (28%)
18. Epicureans (25%)
19. Ockham (24%)

See the philosophy quiz. It's not particularly accurate or brilliant, but it's the only one that's not generic Quizilla shite.
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Agencies and Lack of Sleep

I now officially have a love-hate relationship with my agency. Sure, they get me work (offers for more than a day a week which is better weekly pay than some people with a full time job if I take all of them), but they have a really, really sucky way of doing it. Half the time they don't phone until the morning they need me. Hence every morning this week.

Monday morning they wanted me back at Endeavour, which they asked at seven thirty in the motherfucking morning. I told them that I wasn't going to go back there unless they paid me danger money, and they were understanding as it is just about the worst school in the city. Lost sleep - A fair bit, but I did manage to get back to bed.

Tuesday morning they called at half eight for a school I'd never heard of. Being hung over to high Hell I declined, and again they were understanding as I told them I had an interview. I hadn't slept at all before they called, and got about four hours after that.

This morning they called again. Three fucking hours after I got to bed. Asked if I wanted a day at another new school. I daren't turn they down a third time so I said yes. Lost sleep - Far too much.

My main complaint with this method is that I was told that I would be called the evening before any days I was needed in a school. I need this because all of the schools they are wanting me to go to are on the other side of the sodding city. I only managed to get there this morning because my mum was off work, normally I need at least two hours to mess with the $DEITY damned bus routes. I also need prior warning so things like this morning don't happen, and I don't end up in a school trying to teach a band of lunatic howler monkeys on six hours sleep in three days. I need sleep when I'm trying to deal with kids. The agency now knows that unless the school is in my immediate area (one bus worth) they are not to call me in the morning at all, on pain of being yelled at by a very tired me.

So yeah, I was teaching today.

First couple hours was easy. Exam envigilation. Two kids decided they wanted to talk in the middle of the exam, breaching conditions. They got their one warning, and then they got throw out. Little fuckers failed that one (we tore up their papers ourselves). It was just a preparatory exam, so I wonder if they will learn.

Second couple of hours was science, first years and then third years. And this is where it all went to Hell. Fortunately, I had an assistant for both classes and between us we just about managed to keep order. There's something about a room of shit-flinging primates that makes me want to kill, and I was restrained by thoughts of food. Of course, because I was rushed out to get here, no food for me.

After lunch, the same classes as before but for English. Which went a lot better, mostly because of the rapport I got with the new assistant. It's amazing what the threat of an hour staying back after school will do for first years. The third years were fucking amazing compared to how they were, they really were.

So now I'm at home, finally having eaten and trying to recaffinate myself. And really, really looking forward to nine hours of mother fucking sleep. But only after I get caught up with all of the people out there who love me.
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