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Strange Religion notes

Thoughts burning in my head. The slow buildup of a four-dimensional memeplex that's either going to explode like last weekend or be bled off through words and storyline and ideas for everyone else, filtered through fictional characters and settings and situations.

The Undertones come on to xmms. I don't normally need music — I like to spend time listening to music, or to find something ambient for writing or to help get me into or drag me out of a specific mood, but I'm normally fine with just the whirr of the fans and the sounds of the street, filtered through the roof by my head. Not tonight. Need music. Tonight I'm either seeing vast coincidences in play, or the results of real magic. I'm leaning towards the latter simply because I don't like believing in coincidence. It's not my style.

And so... fuckit. The memeplex is forming, building. Going to help it along.

Major Characters

Alex: Female, mid-20's. Young enough to be a mouthpiece, old enough to not be completely implausible. Raised by her father and mother (both Awakened), she rebelled and joined an active recruiting arm of the New World Order at 16. She Awakened at 17, though it wasn't until she was 19 that the Technocracy officially became the only Awakened group worth worrying about. She used to be a stringer, recording for posterity and playing freeform memetics designed to keep people in line and ensure that the "Rogue Specialists" (the remains of the Virtual Adepts and Sons of Ether that were more Technocratic than they thought) didn't get too out of hand. She knows how to use a gun and spin an idea, but isn't good with computers or alternate realities. Defected to the Free Information Foundation at 25, (the year 2033, for reference).

Jerry: Jeremiah Anderson. Male, mid-50's. Old enough to be dignified and have greying hair along with a mostly-grey beard, but not old enough to be set in his ways. Trevor Eve as a mad Stallman-esque hacker. Virtual Adept, came up with the idea of viral patents. Head of the Free Information Foundation, and the railroad that gets real Tradition mages to the Habitat Realm. Finds it harder to cope with the scope of societal change on return to Earth, but still has the mad ideas when they count. He developed the self-aware software model that was the only other staff member of the FIF by the point of his upload, and remains able to manipulate complex conceptual spaces by running enough n-dimensional geometric algorithms. He's also a dab hand with grammar engines.

Sirhan: Sirhan Rourke. Male, mid-30's at point of original upload. Physical body is dead, killed in 2027. Mixed white/Arab descent. Self-image includes immaculately tailored robes and a heatly-trimmed goatee. A discordian who's got another form of religion, Sirhan believes that the Habitat contains an Angel. He tends to be reclusive, trying to wake it up, and can be very abrupt and antisocial. When working directly with the Habitat's systems he grows four extra arms and a coating of frictionless superfluid, at which point hsi speeds are insane. He's the one person left on the Habitat with any deep understanding of spirits/free-running informational entities. Needless to say, when a guy's decor is hanging chains, pipes, and strange runes, you really gotta worry.

Minor Characters

Alex' Parents: Unnamed. Her father, at least, worked with Jerry. Both Awakened, Hermetic/Verbena/Virtual Adept kind of thing. Nothing specific. Raised Alex as they wanted her to be, a rebel from the system, so she rebelled into conformity. She effectively stopped communicating with them long before she moved out. They aren't registered as being on the Habitat.

Habitat + Inhabitants: A superdense lump of hypercomputing matter somewhere in the orbit of Jupiter. Includes a very high bandwidth (at time of uploading) connection to Earth, that is... rather tempremental at best. When online it seems to be under constant DoS attack by Nephandi. The habitat is intelligent on some level, that shows as the building blocks of the Headnet groupmind shared by all uploads. Strictly, the habitat is the processor and the big shared simulation-space/spiritual Realm that it generates for the uploads that are stored on it is known as Haven, but the two terms are almost interchangeable and only came about because I'm an idiot. Nobody knows why the Habitat runs, or who left it there.

Corporate Intelligences: Take a corporation. Write it's operational procedures in Prolog or a similar language. Add enough clauses and subclauses that you write a protocol layer for these operational procedures to interface with an artificial intelligence. This is the only way AIs can become legal entites in this future. Corporations are independant legal entites with more rights than people, and are able to claim informational landscape -- areas of the near Umbra -- as "territory". Most corporate intelligences fill the menial roles of serving and customer relations, as the shareholders control it's protocol interfacem, the only thing keeping it being a legal being -- the equivalent of indentured slavery that the Government allows.


Earth: Currently ruled by a number of governments, that are all really a front for one Government. This Government is riddled with the NWO and Syndicate to a ludicrous degree. Through bribery, corruption, favourable trade condition and legal sanctions the Government has spread like a parasite through the governing bodies of the world. Free cures for diseases and ubquitous edcational nanotech have given it an in to Africa and India. Europe thinks it runs the show, the US thinks it runs the show... everyone's a part. The world is a hyperconsumerist future where nanotech is not quite ubiquitous. Free-floating clouds of semi-intelligent assemblers offer cheap upgrades to neural implants. Genesis engines are used to create everything from coffee beans to cigarettes, but despite ubiquitous education and a lack of scarcity the world is still based on money and zero-sum economics via a scam of the "Scarcity" of source matter -- just recomposed atoms of everything used and thrown away or disassembled, but reassembled into saleable form. In addition to the nanotech, the world has Gate stations allowing instant travel between any major urban area using four-dimensional space; ubiquitous RFID dusts creating a paper-trail of everything anyone ever does, and a whole crapload of AI slaves that sift all the data.

The story will come soon. I just need to realign my head with where I was. when I wrote it.

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