January 16th, 2004



The video for Fell In Love With A Girl by the White Stripes is kicking my arse hard. It's slick and well done, but not the best that the guy who made it has ever done. That is the Prodigy video (the track name escapes me) set to a train ride. Both are available on the guy's DVD. If I knew his name, I'd tell it. I know figg has a copy, if he would furnish the name I would be more than happy.

In other news, I work with a guy who used to work at the shipyard with my dad. He's one of the programmers I test for. A while back he even sat with me and my bro a couple of times when my parents went out for the night. He's a very cool guy, though right now I do feel like a go between for him and my dad. I need to tell my dad to call him at some point. In other, more random work news, I do not have a cubicle. I have an office, shared with the other three testers. So I'm one up on the cube farmers at least. But still... fucking small world. I just need one of the HR girls to be someone I went to school with. Speaking of HR, why are they always female? Every company I've been to they have all been female. Perhaps it's because guys don't notice when a girl treats them as a resource, rather than as a human. I will probably never know.
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