February 1st, 2004



The Exalted Quickstart rules are a good and fun set of rules, which give a nice slice of background to the Exalted game and a basic-yet-useable set of rules for playing a few games of Exalted. However, the rules only cover Solar Exalted. It's long been my ambition to write a set of rules for each of the fat-splats. So I give you this. It's just rules, not any setting. But it should do.

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Further to the 7:22pm post

My bike has been stolen. The one thing that gave me a) freedom of transport and b) a bit of a lie in before work has been stolen, earlier today.

I have owned it for a week and a day. Of that time, three days were un-rideable because of the weather.

The bike cost a not insignificant amount of money. Enough that I had to take a bank loan out for it.

That was a fucking expensive week.

I hate life.
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