February 8th, 2004


Wasted weekend

No other way to put it. I had a project for the weekend, that's what annoys me. I was going to get Linux up and working on this laptop, get shit done and finally be able to boot into a real OS come Monday night.

Of course, my parents hadn't told me that there were family-level plans which managed to steal six hours of my weekend. Fuckers just decided that I must go along with them, must do this that and the other. One of the things which most sickens me about being at home is having my parents organize everything like I am a fucking kid again. Fuckers should learn that I'm fine with cooking my own food and buying my own groceries and more than happy about being asked if there is anything stopping me attending idle time wasting shit #94.

Fucking pppd is giving me errors on trying to connect. That's the only problem as-is, but it's big. No net connection. The real problem is being trapped in the NoEC hell of having a fucking Lucent LT Winmodem and trying to connect that way... may have to get in touch with the local LUG, if any of the fuckers are ever out of the pub.

And to top it all off, the supposed stress relief for the day ain't happening because the other party in that — the one I was reminding about it yesterday and getting everything sorted for — isn't on. Way to fucking go, weekend. A few more od these and I'll almost want to go to fucking work.
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