February 16th, 2004



Here's one for aarondb.

Okay, so, you have 5 regiments to fill. I have 5 of my own, ready to be lobbed into enemy territory at the merest, casual wave-like gesture of my royal hand. Choose carefully, because, basically, while you're going to lose anyway, you might as well try your best not to embarrass yourself. List your 5 recruited regiments, then. Go on, you accursed war whores.

I've gone for Footsoldiers, Mercs, Cavalry, a General, and some Black Ops/Spies.

Me, I've not gone for such divisions. They smack of a conventional mode of thinking which is not conductive to a successful attack. So, it's time to plan this and lay down some smack. Not in a convential war, of course. This is my kind of war.

  1. The Invisibles — The ultimate magickal and ontological warfare group. If you need to ask how effective these guys shall be, you have no idea who they are or what they are about. And if you think you have such an idea you're either wrong or tripping.

  2. The Discordian Society — Another front in a war of propaganda fought in the minds of troops, this religion masquerading as a joke masquerading as a religion has close links to the Bavarian Illuminiati and every other conspiracy out there, including those with the mind-control lasers.

  3. Hunter S. Thompson — If you're going for a general, go for one who can take his drugs and still write up a fucking storm. One who can sample every narcotic known to man, and still pass his physical on his 60th birthday with flying colours. Someone who ultimately knows his shit.

  4. The Avengers — Fuck that comic book lark. John Steed and Mrs Peel, thank you very much. When it comes down to it, they are just as much a mindfuck as the rest, and if you don't think this is true you should go away and watch the damn show sometime. And Diana Rigg... mmm... all your troops libidos are belong to me.

  5. Project Mayhem — The grass roots of your own country turning against you in the night. The all-singing, all dancing crap of the world realising that there is a way, there is a possiblity for things to be different. But it takes action, and taking the world apart one nut and one bolt at a time. This lot have more than enough psychwar experience to act as a competent fighting force on every front.
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I have finally had it with both MSN and AIM. Shitty clients (even third party ones) and way too many whingers thinking I'm their personal monkey. I'm taking an indefinite hiatus from the two as of tomorrow, if you needs get in touch with me use either ICQ or e-mail.

That is all.