February 29th, 2004



I swear, some days the only way to retain some kind of harmony is to wait until your parents are asleep and then cut their fucking heads off.

Hangover most foul

Today is shaping up no better than last night. Laptop is still dead. Replacement hard disks are still fucking expensive. Dad still said all that he did last night, even if he swears he can't remember it and tries still to convince me that I'm making it up. Which is shit and lies, quite frankly.

Of course, some more facts are closer to my mind as well. There's no booze left. None at all. Which is crap when all I want to do at this precise point of space-time is drink heavily and smoke. Further new facts: There's no money from the insurance for a while yet. So I might as well go on and get a hard drive, as my legs will be fucked for many a week yet anyway.

Why didn't I just stay in bed?
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