March 7th, 2004



Very interesting brainstorm/conversation with figg earlier. Set my brain working, which was a welcome relief from not doing much as it does during weekdays. I have ideas now. Fear me.

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Standard boilerplate: If you want five from me, shoot. If you want to give me five, also shoot. Be as personal and deep or as flippant and meaningless as you want, because I'm in a narccisistic mood and enjoy talking about myself.
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Mage character

Open for comments and criticism

"It's called viral information. People these days read only the news they want, they tune to CNN or Fox news, they read blogs of people who agree with them, everything they want is cast to their tastes. That's where the world is and furthermore where it is going. People choose their search engines to conform to their biases. They turn on the news to their own particular flavour, waking up to the same old crap designed to keep them wearing rose-tinted glasses.

"So. What happens when a bomb goes off in Kasmir, kills two thousand people? It gets reported. But in this world of selevtive bias, what if the people who set the bomb were people who don't want you to know about it? What if they share your biases? Either way a massive human rights atrocity just occurred and the world is fooled into thinking that either it didn't happen or was a good idea.

"They have corrupted the concept of disseminated news reporting. They stole our revolution, now we're stealing it back. Viral information uses a number of techniques. Viruses that add a small process most people will never notice, but that archives evidence or serves stories. That's the easy part. The harder part is getting people to read. So we use social engineering techniques, choose word combinations designed to fool Bayesian filtering, play with structures of language to get a textual sigil, cast off into the great dark of the Journosphere.

"People will be enticed to read it. Whether they want to or not, they will read it. This little spun core of information, this carefully pruned and constructed memeplex fired straight into their pariatal lobes will make them sit up and take note. Slowly, the whole process will bring about a world in which people realise the futility of singular identity, singular biases. They'll move to a new, better world. A world where you can choose to be a Scientologist or a Catholic or a Republican for an afternoon to see what the world looks like.

"Imagine a world where individualism was eradicated not by herdthink but by breaking it up and splitting it down. The supercontext is approaching and that's the moment everything splits into the MeMeplex, it's up to me and mine to prime people for when that happens. It's up to us to save the world.

"How fucking cool is that?"

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