March 20th, 2004



York today. Up early and on to a train, rolling through winds gusting up to eighty miles an hour. Goth chicks on the train, though I was spared their whining by other pople's mobile phones and screaming kids. Second leg of the journey was shared with a girl who was the spitting image of Siouxie Sioux. I told her and she looked blank, asking "who?" Fucking kids not knowing their musical heritage. We taled anyway, about Scarborough and mad people and aircraft crashes and suicide-by-train. The lady across from us was very annoyed. Off the train at York to wait for John's arrival.

I lived with John for two years when I was at university. He's the guy who put up with my ramblings about encryption and gave me a programming sounding board. He's also the guy behind many midnight ramblings. Despite being a computer-type guy and a borderline otaku, he has no Livejournal. This is an oddity I mentioned should be rectified soon.

We walked and talked, and dropped into the Travelling Man. Good place. I need to go back there more. The winds and rain were insane by this point, so we departed for food. Trekking around, doing our best not to succumb and buy food as well as coffee in one of these places that is frequented by pretentious Mac whoresusers who write poetry and at any second would break into beret wearing and haiku writing, we ended up with sandwiches. More wandering, a voyage into the heart of the enemy (Starbucks), and a visit to a couple of places that sell weapons rounded off the day.

More wind on the way back. Talking in Doncaster station with a purple-haired girl from Edinburgh, apparently the trailer of an articulated truck had fallen on the rails south of there. A nice girl, one of the many I've met when in transit who get on another train, never to be seen again. Transitory friends.

My head is in weird place for no good reason. Apologies for lack of coherence.
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