April 11th, 2004



I think I proved last night that caffeine is a suitable substitute for speed. And wash it down with enough cheap Red Bull imitations and add the right music and it'll get you halfway to cocaine.

The music was one of the better parts of yesterday, all told. Anyone who knows me will know that my tastes in said can veer into the weird and eclectic at a moment's notice. So it was yesterday afternoon. A couple of Andean guys (that's what they introduced themselves as) were in the town with instruments and a rudimentary sound set-up. A free self-promotional concert for anyone who cared to listen. If you liked the music, their CDs were on sale there, for not much money at all. That's the whole gig, these two guys and another who had helped them set up and was taking the cash for the discs. Normally, I stay away from music that sounds too hippy, but this was good stuff and I'm suitably impressed by the distribution method. So what the fuck.

Weird dream in addition to all that. I was in a pub somewhere, doing shots of a Polish vodka that was three parts white spirit to two paint thinner, with just a hint of cranial fluid, with mistersleepless as we took turns to ask and answer questions. There were two running voice recorders on the table, and I remember something about this being a kind of interview, him for diepunyhumans and me for a comics/gaming 'zine being started by the guys at the York Travelling Man. Weird but fun stuff.

The only question that I can remember clearly: "If you were in a shop, with a famous person, and they were reaching up to the top shelf and slipping the magazines that they got into a doctor's bag for inspiration later, who would it be? Which famous person would you want to be seen stealing porn mags with?"

Answers in the comments, please. Tell Uncle Stew...
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