April 12th, 2004


What'd you mean? It says 27...

Oh shit. It says 7. Bloody deadlines. I may well be preoccupied for the next few weeks with work. More information will come later.

In other news, I give you the nucleus of a Mage character. More may follow.

This Mage is into sacrificial magic. But he's a Virtual Adept. He sacrifices himself or parts of himself to enact powerful workings, drawing on the informational correspondences between what is sacrificed and what he wants to do. Why a VA? Because he sacrifices himself. He takes on identities, subsumes himself into them, living lives.. and when he needs it, he sacrifices the identity. Wallet, driving license, passport, treasured possessions, union cards... all of them are elements of a Selfplex, which has all the power of a real being, but can be destroyed without all the blood and gore.
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