April 24th, 2004


Bloody body

I hate whining on this thing. That's why, even though I try to get a decent record of a post a day, so often I fall behind. It'd be yet another whine, not about anything serious. Just a cry for attention because I feel the world is unjust to my special little snowflake of self. Of course, I haven't managed to get rid of all of these — but you don't see a lot of it, just a blank entry on the calendar.

That's not the only reason I skip entries. Tiredness is a major one, that and just plain having nothing to write about. I do today. My whine part is entitled: Why a Friday Night? and mnanages to be the entire whine in just the title. My brevity impresses me.

Factual information: Got to lunchtime at work. Back started playing up. Didn't flare up bad until I got home. Both extensors are giving me serious shit. Walking's painful again. Steps are a real bastard. In fact, the only thing more painful than staying still is starting to move. Just like last time. I'm also feeling the starting twinges of what may well be an RSI in my right wrist. It's not at the burning and powerful hates-moving-to-type level yet (thank $DEITY, I have work to do), but I cannot help but worry.

Painkillers. Sweet, sweet painkillers. Yes. Now I just have to get up and get them. D'oh. In other news, I'm thinking of getting a cane. Useful both for swiping at idiots on the street (read: other human beings) while muttering evil comments, and for taking some of the weight off my extensors. Of course, being young it's likely I'll look a bit of a dick. Have to think about that more.
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No words

For the first time in a couple of weeks, I've kept my anything related to work closed tonight. No writing or coding or anything at all for me tonight. More pain than yesterday, the drugs are having all the effect they can but it's still not enough. I'm permanently hungry but have to force myself to eat more than a mouthful. My eyes feel like vindaloo marbles, my toes are about to turn blue. The world be damned.